It is possible to treat this unattractive skin condition cosmetically. This is done by shooting a controlled light pulse onto the affected area. The light pulse is absorbed in the dark-red, oxygen-rich blood of the vessel by the haemoglobin and converted into heat. This causes a sudden heating of the vessel, which clots the blood and “welds” the vessel shut. The body’s lymphatic system breaks down the coagulated blood into its constituent parts and transports them away naturally.


Treatment:  You may experience tingling of the skin, short term redness with a deep warming sensation immediately post treatment.


Results:  visible improvement (lightening) in 24-48 hours.


Small (approximate the size of the back of the hand) £30-£40

Medium (approximately ½ size the face) £60.-£70

Large (full face or between shoulder blades) £90-£100