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The medical name for unsightly blood vessels, often called spider veins or broken veins is Telangiectasia. Telangiectasias are small permanently enlarged capillaries, venules, small arterioes or small veins that lie in the upper dermis and are usually dull to bright red. Normally they are linear, but they may also be dot-like markings. Some of these blood vessels are call spider telangiectasia because they form all clusters that resemble a spider or star. Except in certain diseases cases, telangiectases are most often confined to the skin. Telangiectases are commonly found on the face and legs but occasionally elsewhere on the body. They are often concentrated on the nose, cheeks, lips and V of the neck and chest. From a distance of a few metres away, the person with this condition may appear to have a red nose or rosy cheeks. The neck may resemble red chicken skin. Close examination of these ruddy areas reveals dilated blood vessels placed randomly. It is this garmented appearance that makes the blood vessels look broken. The vessels, however, are not actually broken. A broken vessel would bleed under the skin and form a bruise, which is not the case with telangiectasia. The term “broken-capillary” is therefore incorrect. Accurate descriptions of telangiectases are:


Thread veins

Blood spots

Dilated veins

Spider naevi

Spider veins

Thread capillaries

Vascular blemishes


Nasal veins:  £125.00*, **

Nasal veins and cheeks:  £175.00*, **

Full face  £250.00, £50 per follow-up*, **

Leg veins:  £80 per 30 minutes of treatment, £50 per follow up, *, **


*Consultation fee £50.00 (credited against future ThermaVein treatment) 


**Maximum treatment time for face is 15 minutes.