Piercing Legislation


Current Legislation


in the UK ear piercing legislation falls under the relevant local government department.


This means that the local authority has the power to implement the aspects of the legislation hat relate to ear piercing in their area.


The Act provides that ear piercing may only be carried out by a person in premises registered with the local authority.


The London area is different to the rest of England and Wales in that in the London area there are two other Acts under which boroughs may regulate skin piercing.  The Greater London Council (General Powers) Act 1981 and the London Local Authorities Act 1991.


The local authority has the power to inspect both registered premises and premises in which it suspects skin piercing is taking place without a registration.



The Future of Regulation


Legislation regarding ear piercing is currently under review.  With the advent of much more sterile and hygienic ear piercing, such as the Caflon Blu Disposable Cassette System, ear piercing is now much safer and carries no hygiene risk.