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Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser Tattoo Removal and Reduction by
Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser


How Does Laser Work on Tattoos?


Our laser produces a very high power in quick pluses.  The light energy produced tends to pass through normally pigmented skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink deep in the dermis layer.  The pigment is rapidly heated, expands and shatters into tiny particles which are evacuated from the body through normal immune response.  As the ink particles are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.  Multiple treatments are required.


Can all colours be removed?


A wide range of colours can usually be removed successfully or lightened to a large degree.  Laser tattoo removal works best on tattoos of black ink that were sparsely applied to fair skin.  The most difficult colours to remove are pastel colours.

Can I have just part of my tattoo removed?


Yes, our lasers are very accurate.  Once the treatment site has fully healed, you can have a tattoo on the same area.

Will I see a difference straight away?


Occasionally you will, but usually the tattoo will look normal again after treatment.  The main fading is in the first four to six weeks are treatment.


How much does it cost?


Treatment prices are from £25.00 per session depending in type of tattoo, size and colours used.  We will be able to give you a full quote during your 40 minute consultation which is free of charge.


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