Why exfoliate?


  • Stimulates blood flow to increase nutrient delivery to cells

  • Improves lymph flow to carry toxins and waste products out of the body the body

  • Removes dry, dead skin cells

  • Encourages cells to regenerate

  • Results in smooth glowing skin

  • Stimulates production of sebum (oil), to nourish dry skin

  • Helps combat cellulite and fatty deposits

  • Increases energy and stimulates the body

  • Feels great

After brushing the skin is gently cleansed with hot mitts and a body moisturizing emulsion applied.
Treatment time 30 minutes.  £30.00


Body Brushing/Exfoliation


Also called dry skin brushing, this is one of the best ways to care for your skin.  It helps to break up fatty deposits, aids in lymphatic drainage and detoxification.  Whilst it stimulates circulation it also removes dry, dead rough cells leaving soft, silky, beautiful skin.


Body brushing is often done in spas as part of detoxification and slimming treatments. The gentle massaging motion of the bristles has a beneficial effect on areas of cellulite, and it is an effective treatment for helping to eliminate toxins from the body.