It was keen analysis of different nail conditions that led her to innovate products specifically designed to treat the dry, brittle, normal or post acrylic nail. The foundation of The Jessica System is its groundbreaking precision, its ability to treat specific problems. Moreover, she considers health an essential part of nail and skin care; and so her products are specifically developed to maximise the natural healing powers of the body and promote well-being.


Beautiful nails are not born ... they're carefully cultivated.  By using Jessica's nail care treatment products and prescribed regimen any woman can achieve healthy, beautiful natural nails.  The Jessica Nail Cultivation System was developed with passion and love, and offers a customised luxurious treatment that stands the test of time.


Jessica Natural Nails

The quality of all Jessica polishes, base coats and top coats are second to none. The Jessica System, as it has come to be called, is based on an approach so different; it works like nothing else can. Jessica is emphatic on the subject of treating individual nail types differently. "Nails are not alike!" she will tell you. "Nails differ from person to person - just like hair and skin. It is impossible to treat all nails the same and keep them healthy".


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